The cosmopolitan model of US society



The cosmopolitan model of US society is my name for the idea that the US brings together people from all over the world to create something new, hopefully the best the world has to offer, from pizza to jazz to the Magna Carta. What makes the US great is not a particular culture or race or religion, but its political ideas of freedom, equality and democracy.

Sappy catchphrase: Diversity is our strength.

sessions_trump_bannon-620x412 Now in charge of the US: Jeff Sessions, Donald Trump, Steve Bannon.

Its evil twin is what I call the diseased-host model: the US as a White Christian nation. What Trump and many Whites seem to believe. To them Mexicans and Muslims and so on are a threat to America As We Know It. For Steve “Clash of Civilizations” Bannon and the alt-right it is not just the US that is under threat but all of Western civilization!

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