We are a group of socially-minded bloggers concerned with promoting a better future.

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  1. Promoting a better future surely is a worthwhile effort. You have great potential here. How would an interested man or woman go about joining this group in order to contribute articles? Some fellow bloggers and myself are aware of this new site and are following. We look forward to perusing, and perhaps contributing, articles on a regular basis.
    Congratulations, best of luck and warmest regards,

    • I just found out that Google Groups would work perfectly for our group. It’s basically a discussion forum. Only members of our group can join, and anyone else we invite. It’s a bit easier to use then Google Hangout. I set up the page a little while ago. I’m emailing you the invite now.


    • This group consists of bloggers who write about social issues and anything that has to do with creating change and reform in society. I’ve read some of your blog and it’s a good blog, but it doesn’t talk about the things our blog is for. So I think it would be better if you keep blogging on your own blog, since our blog is a bit different. But thanks for your interest!

  2. Hi,

    I’m Maddie, editor of the environment section at the Urban Times (http://urbantimes.co/).
    We’re a growing community of 1200 writers that focus on insightful content which drives change – our site receives around 500,000 unique hits per month. I’ve noticed that your blog has a similar ethos and I was wondering if you would be interested in forming a partnership in terms of syndication? Urban Times is a great outlet for your writers’ work as well as being ideal for building up an online presence. If you are interested, just drop me an email at maddie.barber@urbantimes.co

    Hope to hear from you!

  3. Hi, I blog about environmental issues related to sound, and using listening to connect to the natural world (www.wildmountainechoes.com). Not sure if it fits the criteria, but I’d love to be part of the group.

    • Hi! I checked out your blog and I like it! The League is very interested in environmental conservation, as well as global warming. So a nature writer would be great for us! I’ll send you an author invite that gives access to our blog. The invite will come in your email from WordPress.

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