Guide to Trump


the-trumps-on-inauguration-day The new US president and first lady: Donald and Melania Trump, January 20th 2017.

Posts written, and yet to be written, to help me understand Donald Trump, the new US president:

Donald Trump – my main election post on him, written over a year ago, December 2015.

narcissistic personality disorder – Trump seems to suffer from this to an extreme degree. See also the closely related psychopathic racial personality.

political arguments – are all about framing and, as it turns out, one’s upbringing. Facts and reasons confirm one’s beliefs or frame, but do not change minds. Trump appeals to those whose parents were more authoritarian than loving.

Trumpspeak – words and phrases Trump and his hangers-on use and what they mean. Some are:

racist dog whistles – words, phrases and messages which do not sound racist on their face, but which are taken in a racist way by racists – like “law…

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