5 thoughts on “Inside the mind of Charleston Massacre shooter Dylann Roof and the culture of White Supremacy

  1. I agree with the Daily Kos writer that Roof has been influenced by a racist belief system that existed long before he shot the people at that church. I’m glad that his manifesto is public because it gives us a glimpse not only into Roof’s mind, but into the minds of people like him. His thoughts are a tangled mess with very little logic, and it’s clear that he doesn’t understand what race is. He doesn’t understand that race is a social construct. And what’s worse is that most Americans don’t either. Race is a subject that still needs A LOT of discussion in order to combat the myths this guy (and people like him) has based his life on. It’s too important to ignore.

    • Yes, and what makes me especially concerned is that a larger segment of the population harbors these disturbing white supremacist views even though they don’t overtly act on them. It’s a form of passive-aggressive behavior which manifests itself in politics, business, and other social domains.

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