Pope Francis Criticizes Capitalism

“Pope Francis on Thursday urged the downtrodden to change the world economic order, denouncing a “new colonialism” by agencies that impose austerity programs and calling for the poor to have the “sacred rights” of labor, lodging and land.”

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To House Republicans: Hands off Social Security and Medicare! (petition)

Photo courtesy of SalFalko via Flickr

From CredoAction.com:

The extremist Republican hostage-takers in the House who have irresponsibly and recklessly caused the government shutdown have now set their sights on attacking Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.

House Republicans have a longstanding and very public record of relentlessly trying to slash Social Security, Medicaid and Medicare benefits.

So while it may not be surprising that House Republicans are putting cuts to Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid benefits on their list of ransom demands, it is still deeply, deeply shameful. And we shouldn’t give them a pass on this.

Send a clear message to John Boehner, Paul Ryan and the rest of the House Republicans: “Hands off Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid benefits!”

To sign this petition, go to CredoAction.com.