Delhi University officially accepts transgender men and women

Tanya’s Comment: As I read this wonderful news, I am also saddened that transgender people in the United States are not treated as equal citizens. There is still discrimination in housing, employment, and other areas of life that transgender people face everyday, and that many of us are oblivious to. One of my transgender female friends is a nurse and college student, while another is a lawyer and happily married to a woman. They want the same things as everyone else, and they are equally as deserving of those things as everyone else. 


Dhaka 122-X2New Delhi: Delhi University has officially accepted transgender men and women for their postgraduate programmers this year and have plans to extend this policy to undergraduate courses as well.

Around 90,000 candidates had applied for various postgraduate courses this year of which nine were from the transgender community, according to Delhi University officials.

The change accepting transgender men and women in undergraduate courses will take effect from the next academic year (2015-16) after it introduces space for the third gender in its application forms, reported

“We had planned to start transgender admissions in undergraduate courses from this year but could not do so due to administrative reasons. From 2015-16 academic session, we will be introducing the third gender option in centralized admission forms and also make necessary policies for their admission,”  the university’s registrar Alka Sharma told

Sharma pointed out that his university’s “transgender initiative” was taken before it…

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