Misogyny Is Poison, And You’re Drinking It


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Elliot Rodger doesn’t need to have been a madman. It’s enough that he was a man.

I don’t know the full story of what happened today in Williamsburg. About 20 minutes into a showing of The Phantom Tollbooth (I know! Brooklyn is magic sometimes), a steadily increasing murmuration in the middle of the theater erupted into a man barking out “you cunts” and storming from the room. Someone said “hey, there are kids here,” and he responded by turning around in the doorway and yelling “fucking cunts!” once again for good measure. I turned around in time to see two girls in their late teens or early 20s shrug and sit down. Though I don’t know the whole story, it very much appeared as if the girls had refused to give up their seats, and the man had…

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The New iPhone vs. More Important Things


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Just this month, the Republican-controlled House of Representatives voted to slash $40 billion from the federal food stamp program. The unemployment rate in the U.S. is still high, and the economy is still slow. Many people are still without health care. Homeless shelters are actually closing in some cities.

Oh, and the new iPhone 5s has sold out! The price is around $600, and more if you want extra features. And it’s sold out. Yes, that many people bought it as soon as it was available.

Do you really need a $600 phone?

Where are our priorities?