Ban Fur Trapping & Vicious Bloodsports in the US

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Please click HERE to ban vicious blood sports in the US

Please click HERE to ban fur trapping on public lands in the US

Background | Source: Anti-Fur Society

Fur bearing animals are victims NOT only of the fur trade. The cruel attacks go from live skinning by the fur trade to being torn to pieces in bloodsports. The “buffets” of horrors are fair game for anyone who wishes to indulge in it.

There are virtually NO laws to protect fur bearing animals in fur farms or in the wild. Living in the compassionate AR community, we are constantly shocked by the violent acts of abhorrent cruelty inflicted on animals outside our cocoon. But we must face the reality in the rest of the world, and not only speak up but take actions for those who so suffer. The Anti-Fur Society has produced a series of action links to help…

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