About GarryRogers

Dr. Garry Rogers is a biogeographer of the ecocentric view that all of nature has intrinsic value. He finds logic in the theories that consciousness is independent of physical objects; soon after 2030 global warming will become self perpetuating; by 2050 human civilization collapse will begin due to decline of essential resources; and collapse will be exacerbated by battles for scarce resources.

Blogging on the Earth

Blogging about Nature:  Introducing Garry Rogers on the League of Bloggers for a Better World


Garry Rogers

My blog posts are about nature, about wildlife and its habitat (posts). They are expressions of my concerns for natural conditions and events.

During the past year, 2015, lethal heat waves and storms, decline of the great iconic species of elephants, lions, and rhinos, . . . read more.