Devin Patrick Kelley


Devin Patrick Kelley (1991-2017) on Sunday morning, November 5th 2017, shot nearly everyone at the First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, Texas, a town of 600 about an hour east of San Antonio. He shot 46 people, killing 26 or 4% of the town. He gunned down even little children.

This comes just a month after Stephen Paddock shot 604 people in Las Vegas, killing 58.

Of the five worst shootings in living memory in the US, all five took place in the past ten years, three in the past two, and two in the past six weeks. None of the five shootings was carried out by Blacks – you know, those people the police fear so much. And only one was carried out by a Muslim, another out-group that Whites fear and demonize.

I knew the gunman was White right off:

  • they did not give his race…

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