Abby Martin


Abby Martin on RT, 2014.

Abby Martin (1984- ), a US journalist – or newsmodel (depending on who you ask) – is best known for speaking out against Russia’s takeover of Crimea while on Russian television! RT, the television station she appeared on, to its credit did not fire her. She left a year later and now works for South America’s TeleSUR, where she does a show called “The Empire Files” (2015 – ).

She came of age in the wake of 9/11. In fact, she was a 9/11 Truther while at university (she no longer believes the US government was behind 9/11). Later she became an anti-war activist and a citizen journalist (also known as “not having a journalism degree”). It was while she was covering the protests of Occupy Oakland (her home town) that she came to the attention of RT, a sort of Russian BBC.


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