Keith Lamont Scott



Keith Lamont Scott (1973-2016), a disabled Black American man, married with seven children, was killed by police in Charlotte, North Carolina. That was at 3.54pm on Tuesday September 20th 2016. It comes right on top of news of the killing of Terence Crutcher in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Police say Scott was armed, his family says not and they seem very certain of it.

Every day Scott waited for his son to get off the school bus.

His sister:

“He sits in the shade, reads his book, does his studies, and waits on his kid to get off the bus. He didn’t have no gun. He wasn’t messing with nobody. All they did, them jump-out boys, them undercover detectives, they jumped out their truck, they said, ‘Hands up! He got a gun! He got a gun!’ POW POW POW POW. That’s it.”

Police Chief Kerr Putney:

“The officers gave loud, clear verbal…

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