Freddie Gray update


west-baltimore-jtsuboike-0520 Where Freddie Gray was arrested.

Freddie Gray was the Black American man killed by police in Baltimore last year that led to riots.

The medical examiner ruled the death of Freddie Gray a homicide, yet the judge could find no guilt in three of the six police officers that came before him, not even in the commanding officer.


Last week Marilyn Mosby dropped charges against the remaining three officers:

“As a mother – as a mother – the decision not to proceed on these trials, these remaining trials, is agonizing. However, as a chief prosecutor elected by the citizens of Baltimore, I must consider the dismal likelihood of conviction at this point.”


Lt Gene Ryan, president of the police union:

“justice has been done”


Mosby, now no longer under orders from the judge to remain silent, saw it differently:

“There was a reluctance and an obvious bias that was…

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