Modern Day ‘Slave’ Patrolz and the Ongoing Legacy of Police Terrorizing Afrikan/Black Communitiez

Moorbey'z Blog

by Solomon Comissiong

The U.S. system of mass Black incarceration cannot reformed, but must be dismantled, root and branch. “The job of the police force in predominately African/black communities is to make sure those communities are contained and kept in a state of constant fear and terror.”

Reforming this system wont work in any way, shape or form.”

The United States’ system of policing is structurally racist to its very core. This should hardly be seen as a controversial statement, especially when carefully examining the facts and contextual backdrop. African/black people are routinely brutalized and outright extra-judicially executed by trigger-happy racist cops. Black ‘America’ has existed under a police state for well over 200 years. The origins of the system of policing, within the United States, can be traced back to slave patrols. These slave patrols were the United States’ first police force, and their responsibility was to…

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