I am Pissed By The Latest In A long List Of Police Murders

Thought Provoking Perspectives

(2)I remember in church on Sunday the preacher asked the congregation “how long?” The congregation responded with “not long?” This was in reference to when Jesus is coming back. What I did not understand, at the time, was that Jesus is not coming back. As evidence, every time an act of terror occurs at the hands of the white terrorist. They use some preacher, the victim’s family or the NAACP asks black people to be calm in the face of police brutality or racial terror. They will shoot a black man down like a dog, and they will rise Dr. King up from the grave and remind us to be nonviolent. STOP IT!

I feel being black in America, from 1619 until today, has always required a painful level of pretending for the sake of survival. When black are merely targets for racist white people. In the face of slave…

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