When I became a fan (pt I)

On the power of great lyrics and great music, by my buddy Rich Horiuchi.

Achtung Ninja

A coworker recently asked me how long had I been a fan. I replied, almost thirty years.  Yeah, I’m old.

But it got me thinking. I realized that timing was an important factor in affecting which music would connect with me. The Joshua Tree was the album that came at a pivotal time in my life. I’m sure this has been said before. And I readily admit that this is not an original story.

U2 Joshua Tree

I was in high school and like most teenagers, spent much of my time listening to music. In the spring semester of my sophomore year my father passed away from cancer. It hit me very hard because I thought he would survive after going through chemotherapy and surgery. I was a troubled youth but started to turn my life around when he got sick. I was naïve and really thought he would beat it, but it…

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