Louisiana to Become First State Where Police Superiority is Codified into Law

United States Hypocrisy

In the wake of yesterday’s acquittal of one of the police officers in Baltimore, Maryland involved in the slaying of Freddie Gray and the non-indictment of another officer in Austin, Texas who shot and killed an obviously unarmed teenager (he was naked), lawmakers in the state of Louisiana have decided to take the egregious step of making sure their state is the first in the nation where the up until this point unwritten rule of police supremacy is officially codified into law. With the passage of HB 953, aka the ‘Blue Lives Matter’ bill , police officers will be designated as a ‘protected class’ and any attack on a law enforcement officer, regardless of whether it’s an act of self-defense or not, can and likely will be prosecuted as a hate crime. In other words, attacking or defending oneself against a police officer will be legally akin to targeting and…

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