The Caucasians T-shirt



On April 7th 2016, Bomani Jones wore a T-shirt that said “Caucasians” on it and had a picture of a grinning White man with a dollar sign above his head (pictured above). This was on the “Mike & Mike” show on ESPN, a sports channel on American television.

ESPN “freaked out” and told him to cover it up. He met them half way and covered part of it.

On Twitter people said stuff like:

“@espn So when are you going to suspend racist @bomani_jones? Or is being a racial provocateur consistent with your “values?”#Never”

“I don’t blame Bomani for being a disgrace, I blame @espn for allowing it. @bomani_jones who hurt you? I’m serious, I don’t want ppl in pain.”

“@bomani_jones is a racist and should be fired @espn how does that go down if it’s a white guy with a “negros” shirt on? You guys are a joke.”

“@bomani_jones Your…

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