Gov. Brown’z parole initiative could free 30-40,000

Moorbey'z Blog

by Forrest Lee Jones, Journalism Guild Writer

The California State Supreme Court has re-affirmed its decision allowing Gov. Jerry Brown’s proposed initiative for changing California’s parole system to begin gathering signatures for the November ballot.

“Parole Board: Two jobs” – Art: Marcus Bedford Jr., K-00220, DVI J-325L, P.O. Box 600, Tracy CA 95378

The March 9 decision was the second time the court kept Brown’s crime initiative alive by rejecting a request by state prosecutors to halt signature-gathering for the measure.

The proposed initiative would let some nonviolent criminals seek early parole and make it harder to charge juveniles as adults, the San Francisco Chronicle reported.

Earlier, Mark Zahner, executive director of the District Attorneys Association, had said he understood Brown’s intention to reduce the state’s prison population, under federal court scrutiny, but that the proposed sentencing changes are “too much, too sweeping,” the Los Angeles Times reported.

Brown’s proposed initiative would overhaul rules regarding parole eligibility for inmates serving time for nonviolent crimes and good behavior credits…

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