Obama Announces ConnectALL Initiative to Close the Technology “Homework Gap”


President Barack Obama (photo via newsone.com) President Barack Obama (photo via newsone.com)

article by Nigel Roberts via newsone.com

Teachers increasingly give assignments that require online access, a task that’s becoming ever more difficult for scores of students from low-income families.

How big is this problem? The Pew Research Center estimated last year that about 5 million households with school-age children can’t afford Internet service. Not having broadband at home creates a so-called “homework gap,” which the researchers say disproportionately affects Black and Latino children.

On Wednesday, President Barack Obama announced ConnectALL, an initiative to enable all Americans to afford broadband. It seeks to eliminated the digital divide—an ongoing problem that captures the public’s attention from time-to-time.

In a recent article, the New York Times shined a spotlight on the issue. The paper told the story of a sister and brother—Isabella and Tony Ruiz—who routinely stand outside an elementary school near their home to use its wireless hot…

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