Oregon stand-off


ammon-bundy Ammon Bundy speaks to the press, January 4th 2016.

The Oregon stand-off (since January 2nd 2016) is where a dozen or so armed men took over the headquarters of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in south-eastern Oregon. They did it during a holiday weekend when no one was there. They are led by Ammon Bundy, son of Cliven Bundy.

Terrorism: Their actions fit the government’s definition of terrorism, but because they are White, it does not fit the Whitespeak definition. So the White press uses terms like these in headlines:

  • protesters, colorful characters: LA TImes;
  • armed protest/ers: CNN, BBC, Fox News, New York Times;
  • militia/men:Huffington Post, The Daily Beast, The Guardian, Daily Mail, The Independent;
  • armed militia:Chicago Tribune;
  • militia occupiers: Buzzfeed, New York Daily News;
  • activists: NBC News, MSNBC;
  • armed men:Washington Post.

Learn the lingo:

  • militia: armed White men;
  • terrorists: armed Muslim men;
  • thugs: armed…

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One thought on “Oregon stand-off

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