Stuff You Probably Shouldn’t Say to White People




Some stuff you probably should not say to White Americans:

“racist” – never ever tell White people that they are racist or anything close to it. It can lead to something far worse than racism: hurt White feelings, like White women’s tears. It will only prove to them that you are the racist one.

“whitey”, “honky”, etc – racist, even if you have a suburban pass.

“cracker”, “vanilla”, “mayonnaise”, etc – comparing people to food is dehumanizing.

Do you prefer to be called White or Caucasian?”  – pointing out their race makes them uncomfortable. In fact, pointing out any difference makes them uncomfortable. Instead, make it about stuff you have in common, like sports or the weather. Certainly not history:

“slavery”, “genocide”, etc – do not bring up the bad parts of their history. Deep down they know they are among the most savage, terroristic and thuggish people in…

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