National Museum of the American Indian


1. DC NMAI Entrance Banner

A guest post by Jefe:

The National Museum of the American Indian (NMAI) is a Smithsonian museum with two galleries, one in Washington, DC and one in New York. Items not on display are stored in a cultural resource centre in Suitland, Maryland (Prince George’s County), which includes the Vine Deloria, Jr. Library. Both museums showcase the history, culture, anthropology and archaeology of the indigenous peoples of the Americas, from Alaska to Patagonia. With over a million items, NMAI is the largest such collection in the world.

P02982 The original NMAI

It was founded by an act of Congress in 1989, and draws its collection from the US government’s own archives and the private collection of George Gustav Heye, which had been on display since 1922 at the original NMAI in Audubon Terrace (at Broadway and West 155th Street in Manhattan). The Congressional Act required that the human remains in storage be considered for…

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