Police Sergeant and Dispatcher Arrested On Federal Charges

We Hold These Truths To Be Self-Evident

Newtown, Connecticut is now added to cities where staff on its police force have been charged with committing crimes.

(Eventually, all the bad might just be rooted out and we can build trust.)

The investigation was called “Operation Juice Box.” It involved a ring of people who received shipments of steroids from China, and also conspiracy to distribute oxycodone. It took almost 2 months and involved wire and electronic surveillance. Federal law enforcement officers seized hundreds of vials of steroids, about 600 grams of raw testosterone powder, 350 grams of powder cocaine, and 4 long guns.

conn officer Sgt. Steven Santucci

Sgt. Steven Santucci, 38, of the Newtown police department, allegedly received steroid shipments from China and had been doing so since 2011. He manufactured and distributed wholesale quantities of steroids.

Along with Santucci, others arrested include Jason Chickos, 46, a dispatcher with the Newtown police department, and Jeffrey Gentile…

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