Examining the Depraved Heart

I can not get over the handcuffs AND feet shackled. Handcuffs and feet shackled. All this and the cages and the jails and the prisons, it all reminds me of enslavement.

Did you know the death penalty is outlawed in Germany? Could you imagine Germany putting one person to death after what the genocide they did in WWII?

I keep asking myself, why does the U.S. continue to abuse, disrespect, disenfranchise, disregard, dis-empower, enslave (prison labor), handcuff, shackle and put to death African Americans?

The U.S. justice system is completely unjust. Incarceration is supposed to be a penalty, but after incarceration all sorts of other abuse happens in prisons. Abuse that is not written into law, but happens over and over.

WPTV_FREDDIE_GRAY_1430492578902_17662111_ver1.0_320_240Clearly, I am still thinking about the death of Freddie Gray and Officer Goodson, one of six officers charged with crimes that led to his untimely death.  Officer Goodson has been charged with second degree depraved heart murder.  Thanks to a twenty- four- hour news cycle and countless crime shows, I am too familiar with the charge of second degree murder.  Perhaps, I have become desensitized and disconnected because this tragedy is performed for my entertainment season after season finale with heart- pounding scene cutaways and climactic music.

But, I have been jarred by the video of Freddie Gray’s arrest; Kevin Moore, the man who captured the last moments he was seen alive, has come forward.  This is not reality television; we are watching real life.  While questions are being raised regarding the knife that was in Mr. Gray’s possession and subsequently, the legality of his arrest is being argued for…

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