22 thoughts on “What happens when a bus carrying black students breaks down in the American South?

  1. I don’t think things are that bad down here in South Africa anymore and we had Apartheid only 20 years ago.
    In fact, xenophobia has been more of a problem lately.

    This is simply nuts.

      • South Africans are not considered too popular at the moment. Well, some South Africans.

        From yesterday;s Saturday Star.
        ”Things are tense here,’ said Samuel Idrissa, a Malawian immigrant based in Joburg. ‘They stop you in the street and speak to you in Isizulu or Sepedi. If you can’t they hack you or douse you with petrol and set you alight.’

        Yep, it really happens, I shit you not …. brotherly love!

      • Nah … tis one of those weird scenarios where skin colour seems to make a difference.
        These frakking thugs only seem to go after non-European type Africans.
        Odd, because both my kids are African, having been born here.
        I mean, if one them spoke to me in Sepedi I wouldn’t have a damn clue what he was saying either.
        It’s the same old thing, Mak; ”Foreigners taking our jobs.”
        Do these frakking idiots realise how many Chinese live in South Africa already? I swear to the gods that before long we will be like a Chinese province.

        But when you have a corrupt bloody half wit as a head of state, what sort of example is being shown?

      • But if you read the papers there are already threats of retaliation in places like Nigeria and Malawi.
        So I wouldn’t want to go sight seeing in these countries at the moment.
        This shit is going to take a long time to heal.

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