kind-of-coherent-late night ramblings

sprouting health

listening to this NPR story.

made me want to re-read this angela davis transcript.

and really wonder why our prisons are built…empty…and then suddenly overflowing…

and how is it possible that this country still “becomes more dangerous” by these numbers…even with more violent police action and increased numbers of incarceration…

and that really helps to break down the prison industrial complex…and who is being affected and why folks are targeted and how we all need to be held accountable

…when, after all these years of working and fighting for freedom of the PIC

sometimes i feel like a sell out for working within the system…all those years of teaching classes inside and pen pal letter writing and art workshops, when i have been also fighting for so long to prevent it and abolish their entire screwed up “system” to begin with. but then i remember that…

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