All I Want for My Birthday Is to Help Fight Homelessness

This guy does great work. I’ve been following him on Facebook for a while.

Social Action 2014

Click here:

It’s that time again. The time of year where Facebook lets you all know I am now a year older on March 13th. Well, up until the last few years I hated my birthday. Thanks to all of your generous hearts my birthday has turned into a real miracle. Over the last three years you’ve helped raise $36,000 to help fight homelessness.


“The stereotypes of people living in poverty throughout the United States are among the most negative prejudices that we have. And people basically view particularly homeless people as having no redeeming qualities” ~ Susan Fiske, Professor of Psychology. Princeton University

Invisible People’s work is important!

I strongly believe that if the general public viewed our homeless neighbors as being the real people that they are, there wouldn’t be such humiliation and violence against people experiencing homelessness! Awareness and education on…

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