10 thoughts on “Why We Must Speak Out, Be Active, and Vote

    • I agree! There’s so much meaning packed into his statements. That’s why I love posting his quotes. I find them really thought provoking in their bluntness.

      • In both USA and UK the major parties support the same agenda, so people are stripped of choice and disengage politically – they give up voting.
        In both countries the govt’s have destroyed pensions, in UK put back retirement age and built double binds into accessing welfare. As in a person is not entitled to unemployment benefit because they are judged unfit to work; but judged not ill enough for sickness benefit and too young to retire. People in desperate situations are just given the run around.
        In USA you have militarised police who appear to be above the law, who can seize assets without proof of crime, and when a SWAT team breaks into the wrong house by “mistake” that is just too bad for the victims. When you put everything together – it is like bullying. Playing by the rules won’t necessarily keep you safe. The authorities stone wall if you try to get help. Learned helplessness is ongoing abuse until the victim realising they are in a no- win situation gives up trying to stand up for themself. Not a good explanation, but do you get my drift?

        • Sorry for taking a while to respond:

          You definitely make some good points in your comment. It does seem like our governments have sought to take power away from citizens. I’ve seen how people I know decide not to bother involving themselves in politics or activism because they believe nothing will change. They feel like no one will listen to them. I’ve felt like that myself, but have decided to do what I can to get involved and try to push for reform in government anyway. Perhaps the only way to get back our power is to fight for it by not giving in.

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