3 states deny gay unions despite appellate rulings

WASHINGTON (AP) — The writing is on the wall for gay marriage bans in Kansas, Montana and South Carolina after federal appeals courts that oversee those states have made clear that keeping gay and lesbian couples from marrying is unconstitutional.

But officials in the three states are refusing to allow same-sex couples to obtain marriage licenses without a court order directing them to do so. It could be another month or more before the matter is settled.


3 thoughts on “3 states deny gay unions despite appellate rulings

    • Robert I was wondering if you could start blogging and reblogging here more? I don’t want to drown out other authors here with my articles. It seems hardly any post these days here. I am not going to publish any more articles for a while until others get a chance to be heard. I have the same issues with World News Forum most post so infrequently I feel my voice is being given too much emphasis. I am down to typically only publishing an article there every week or two. I know some of the other bloggers blog fairly regularly so I am hoping they can at the very least reblog their articles here more frequently.

      • I’m contributing to this blog about as much as I have time for. As to why authors are posting so infrequently, that’s an issue for Tanya. She’s heavily preoccupied with her schooling right now, so we’re kind of rudderless at the moment. Hopefully, she’ll be able to get more involved in the near future.

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