3 thoughts on “Sept 10th Internet Slowdown Gaining Momemtum

  1. Meanwhile, Big Cable is trying to torpedo the development of municipal fiber-optic networks – such as in Chattanooga, Tennessee – which are much faster and would provide real competition in the ISP marketplace.

    • Yeah and big cable has a monopoly in my area so every month I have a big Internet bill that I can scarcely afford.

      As far as the slowdown to try to promote net neutrality I enabled the new feature in my blog then shortly disabled it. I found it too annoying ;-). Big companies can afford to lose a few customers to take a stand I can’t afford to lose readers as an independent blogger. Many would become annoyed and leave my blog. I am not sure if annoying people is the best way to get there message across to be honest. All that does is piss people off. Better would be a one single message asking people to join the campaign and why it matters. That is proactive rather than reactive.

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