3 thoughts on “Stark Racial Divisions in Reactions to Ferguson Police Shooting

  1. I am back Robert been helping family and working on projects. Fixing a television, changing out a sink, moving furniture, writing letters for people, working on some personal projects. I am glad to be back and apparently I have gained a lot of followers since I have been away, I’m up to 646 followers now. After over a year of blogging, in spite of some gaps in blogging I am finally reaching people.

    I thought this was interesting when I heard this last night on PBS Newshour. It tells me a lot of whites just don’t get it. I get it, but a lot of whites just don’t. There is a lot of racism in our justice system, prison system, and police forces. I am not much a fan of law enforcement these days and very distrustful of them. I have seen and heard too many negative things to feel positive about them. I realize they perform a public service and put their lives on the line, but too many have the wrong attitude, are very hostile, authoritarian, arrogant, and are violent. I seen too many lives ruined by law enforcement and our justice system.

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