7 thoughts on “Police action in Ferguson last night

  1. I just watched an eyewitness account of the Michael Brown shooting on The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell. The policeman’s reported actions undeniably warrant a first degree murder charge – that is, it was premeditated. Her account corroborates other citizen accounts including that of Brown’s friend who was with him during the incident.

    • I just read that the FBI and the Justice Dept. will start an investigation into the shooting. They better take into serious consideration what the witnesses, including the one you just mentioned from the show, are saying. Did the person on the show mention whether he’s been contacted by any investigators?

      • I don’t recall if she related that information during the interview. But, she had a lawyer with her. And, I heard later on that both the DOJ and the St. Louis County Prosecutor’s office had been in touch with some of the eyewitnesses.

  2. I may be a minority in this but I am glad people are finally standing up and fighting for their rights. I don’t approve of the looting and violence but marching, demanding, protesting, civil disobedience, occupying I am for it all the way. I hope this movement spreads across the entire country. It’s time people get mad and fight to make things right. I think this is what needs to happen to get the change people are looking for. Staying silent and not getting involved waiting for the government to fix things will never work. We must make demands and use the power of the people to ensure those demands are met.

    What happened to this young man was excessive force regardless of the circumstances. You notice each day the department makes Michael Brown look more and more violent by the “facts” they leak out slowly by the day. All they’re trying to do is cover there ass because they know one of their officers committed a serious crime. They are trying to make the victim look like the aggressor just like they did to Trayvon. No I am tired of the cops blaming the victim, its time they are held to the same laws as everyone else and that no one is above the law.

    • I think most people who care about reforming government, people like us, are totally in support of the protesters. I can understand why some are becoming aggressive- people are fed up. Peaceful protests are still happening, too, which is good. I think the peaceful protests are more effective- they make it clear that the police are the ones who are the aggressors. It makes the police just look worse!

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