Climate Deniers are Creative Types

Climate Denial From Mars

Climate deniers are creative types. They have to be.

During a committee hearing in the Kentucky State Senate, Republican Brandon Smith argued — in reference to the EPA’s new requirement that power plants cut their carbon emissions by 30 percent in the next 16 years (which he apparently dislikes) — that Mars and Earth share “exactly” the same temperature.

Center for Biological Diversity

Of course, Mars and Earth do NOT share the same temperature. Mars has an extremely thin atmosphere, so it is a lot colder there.

But, the real point here: Sen. Brandon Smith is a highly creative individual. Especially as the pressure of climate denial turns up the heat!

10 thoughts on “Climate Deniers are Creative Types

  1. Mr. Smith’s coal industry is dying because of renewable energy’s rapid rise, so he along with historically dominant oil/coal company owners are desperately doing all they can to prevent now cost-competitive renewables’ development, and squeeze the profits out before the “funeral.”

  2. At best, he’s just poorly educated. But most likely, he knows he’s lying, and hopes people listening to him know nothing about Mars or science.

        • It’s impssible to understand what motivates them to continue on this doomed path.

          If only fossil fuel companies would use their billions to transition to renewable energy systems, they would be considered heroes. They would be at the top of their game. They would make so much money. Why haven’t any done this?

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