Petition Forces Target To Ban Customers From Carrying Guns in Stores

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Courtesy of

I received this news in an email on July 2nd from, a movement of Americans fighting for common-sense gun policies, and of which I am a member. This is great news for anyone who cares about reducing gun violence in America:

This morning, Target took a stand for the safety of our families by officially asking its customers nationwide to leave their guns at home before shopping in its stores.

“Bringing firearms to Target creates an environment that is at odds with the family-friendly shopping and work experience we strive to create.”1
– John Mulligan, Target CEO

After almost 400,000 petition signatures and more than 10,000 calls from supporters like you, we’re thrilled to see Target issue this gun sense policy. This is a victory that YOU made happen — and it’s a victory that tells all of corporate America: We won’t keep quiet when our families are put at risk.

We couldn’t agree more about maintaining a safe, family-friendly environment at Target. That’s why we’ve been fighting for the last 30 days to get the company to think twice about letting people openly carry loaded guns in stores.

And they listened — to you, to me, and to hundreds of thousands of Americans who just want to be safe while shopping.

Target joins a growing list of big, national companies like Starbucks and Chipotle that have adopted smart policies that respect the Second Amendment while also respecting the safety of customers and employees.

None of this would happen without supporters like you speaking out.

Why anyone would feel a need to go shopping with a gun is beyond me, and I didn’t even know that it was legal to do so. Thankfully, Target has been forced to stop allowing this in their stores. All it took to create big change was average people who were passionate about an issue they cared about, banding together to take action! Inspiring, no?

3 thoughts on “Petition Forces Target To Ban Customers From Carrying Guns in Stores

  1. It is inspiring. On Tuesday, Georgia’s “Guns Everywhere” bill went into effect. A majority of Georgians don’t like it, but their politicians passed it anyway. In that state and many others, the NRA and “open carry” advocates rule.

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