We are a group of bloggers concerned with creating a better future. We blog about ideas on how to improve the wellbeing of society and the planet. On the home page, on the lower right-hand side, is a list of the members of our team. Click on a member to view their personal blogs, as well as their blog posts on this site.

We’d like to make as BIG an impact as possible- to do that, we need lots of like-minded bloggers to join us! Let’s make this worldwide! If you’d like to join our group, leave a comment below and I’ll get back to you! You may either write posts on this blog, or simply have your name listed as a member with a link to your own blog.

Thanks for visiting! We hope you leave here feeling energized and inspired!

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  1. Hi there – I write a fairly new blog that’s focused on 1) money in politics 2) mass surveillance and other big, key, nonpartisan issues. A big part of the purpose of my blog is engagement – providing easy, 30 minute ways for people to become more involved with the political process. I really like the concept of this “League of Bloggers” and would look forward to learning more or possibly joining.

  2. Hello! If you are still interested in having bloggers join you I would be very interested! I love the premise of this already and although my blog is fairly new (only going on its fourth month) I try to engage with social issues (specifically gender issues, homelessness/poverty and advocacy for those struggling with mental illness) in addition to addressing ideas of meaning and purpose, authenticity, wellness, etc. I’m a counseling grad student so I love applying what I’m learning to the blog! https://lauratheredheadedstepchild.wordpress.com if you’re interested!

    • Hi! Sorry it took me awhile to get back to you- I’m a student, too, so I haven’t had a chance in awhile to be on WordPress since I’ve been so busy with classes. Anyway, I just checked out your blog and your writing is perfect for the League blog! My one concern is that a few of our bloggers, including myself, often express frustration toward religion, mainly Christianity. Do you consider yourself Christian? If so, you may not be comfortable with how tough we are in our critiques of religion. Many of us see Christianity as a destructive force on humanity. Most of us (including myself) don’t have a problem with Eastern religions- we mainly critique the effects of monotheism.

      Let me know what you think.

  3. Hi there, you might not find my blog very relevant as it is quite personal but I do touch on a lot of life issues. I am French but have been living in England for 16 years, hence my English writing. I work as a Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner supporting people who suffer from depression and anxiety using CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy). I am also looking into training as a counsellor. I would like to make a difference in this world and help people improve their wellbeing. Let me know if you feel I could be of any use to you. Many thanks and regards. Christelle

  4. Hi. I enjoy what you do here, especially to gather post from various bloggers in one place.
    I am currently blogging at pooyaka.wordpress.com. I think some of blog posts (in society or globe categories) may be relevant to what you do here. Feel free to have a look and reblog them here if you find them relevant, too.

  5. Hi Rebecca, My blog aligns with the theme of blogging on ideas for balanced and smart living, savvy and sustainable lifestyle. I would really appreciate if you could consider adding me to the list of League of Bloggers for a Better World.

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