Message: Geneva II Syria Peace Talks

Blog Group Logo“There are only two kinds of men: those righteous who believe themselves sinners; the others sinners who believe themselves righteous.”

– Blaise Pascal (1623-1662)

This video may give those who are attending the Geneva II Conference in Switzerland a greater focus on what is at stake in their discussions. It is some thoughts from refugees of Syria who have become displaced from the tragic situation brought about by some of the “grownup world leaders” on this planet.

After viewing news videos and listening to the words of some of those invited to the peace talks, there were moments of an over-emphasis on the length of addresses. One suggestion for the conference organizers is to allow unlimited addresses – or up to an hour – so that all the facts come out. After more than three years of warring and fighting, this conference needs to allow the entire truth to become known by all who are in attendance.

Placing constraints of any kind in attendees’ expression of their views and their truths is limiting the full and complete communication that is essential to bring peace to Syria. For that reason, every man and woman who speaks at this conference has to be given as much time as they need to get their ideas, concerns, and specific recommendations on the table for consideration by all.

If that means your conference requires extension by a day or two or three, so be it.

Listen to the men, women, and children in this video and then recognize that limiting dialogue and sharing of ideas is both petty and ignorant when considering the absolute seriousness of your goals. You at Geneva II would do well to consider suggesting speakers use no prepared speeches when addressing the men and women at the conference – and the people of the world.

Listen to the Syrians in this video and understand that your meeting will be successful if it is one where there is sincere communication from heart to heart.


(Thank you Oxfaminternational @ YouTube)

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