Thousands Killed by Guns Since Newtown School Shooting

Photo courtesy of reports:

Using the most recent CDC estimates for yearly deaths by guns in the United States, it is likely that as of Oct. 25, 2013, roughly 28,477 people have died from guns in the U.S. since the Newtown shootings.

Being that the Newtown school shooting last December was one of the worst mass shootings in American history, you’d think that gun control legislation would finally be taken seriously. But is hasn’t.

I hope this disgusts you as much as it disgusts me. Maybe when enough people see these statistics, society will be disgusted enough to do something. has been collecting statistics on every gun death it can find since Newtown, even listing the names of each person killed, as well as dates and locations of deaths. I hope that when people see the names of individuals, it will humanize the tragedy of gun violence. There are also interactive graphs and maps.

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