New polls show majority of Americans support Obamacare or want it expanded

Earlier this week I wrote a column here relating the surprising—to some—results of a new CNN poll. Although conservatives and many reporters and pundits declare, as if proven fact, that Obamacare is “very unpopular” or “most Americans oppose it because it goes too far,” progressives have long claimed that this is not really true, because many on the left have always felt it didn’t go far enough (no public option, or single-payer or Medicare-for-all) and this swells the “against” numbers in surveys.

That CNN poll, in fact, showed that 53 percent actually either support the ACA—or want it expanded.

Still, that number was disputed by critics of the new law, and the poll, in any case, was taken just before criticism of the tech problems with the rollout of the ACA truly ignited.

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Well, a funny thing happened on the way to Obamacare losing much of its popular backing. A new CBS poll came out last night and, guess what, it shows virtually the same numbers that the CNN survey produced—even though it was taken amid that explosion of criticism this week. Where is the surge against the Obamacare from the right?

6 thoughts on “New polls show majority of Americans support Obamacare or want it expanded

    • This post brings up a great point- many of the people who have said they don’t like Obamacare don’t like it because they feel it doesn’t go far enough. The right-wing media and politicians have never acknowledge that to the public. They’ve been telling people that few Americans like Obamacare, but leaving out the fact that many that don’t like it aren’t afraid of the “evil” socialism it resembles- they actually want even more socialist-style health care.

      That being said, do you think there’s a chance that Obamacare may become more like Medicaid at some point, or do you think this country isn’t ready for that yet?

      • It’s not just the right-wing media who have been chanting that meme (i.e. “Americans don’t like Obamacare”). The entire mainstream media is guilty of that including the daytime programs on MSNBC. They have been either unwilling or unable to express the nuance of public opinion (i.e. “some who don’t like Obamacare said it doesn’t go far enough”). Accurate reporting would have specifically explained why people don’t like Obamacare, and the number one reason across party lines was opposition to the ACA’s individual mandate (despite what Democratic leaders say, this was why they lost the 2010 midterm elections so badly).

        Eventually, market forces and public pressure will force America to implement a national health care program like the rest of the civilized world. But, that could be far off in the future for obvious reasons. Although, consider this. If you were a business owner saddled with the great expense of paying into and maintaining an employer-based health insurance plan, wouldn’t you be overjoyed at the prospect of the federal government taking that burden off your shoulders?

          • Business owners who are also politically very conservative? Sure, they hate Obamacare. But, there are many business owners who are not such radical ideologues. These more sane folks don’t see the ACA as an anathema, although they probably aren’t too keen on the headaches they get over providing employer-based health insurance – which is not fundamentally affected by Obamacare, but would be effectively replaced by a national health care program. Those employers would be quite happy to see universal health care for all, I believe, since they would no longer have to provide health insurance for their employees.

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