Beginning Of The End For War.

Western Asia in most contexts. Possible extens...

Western Asia in most contexts. Possible extensions. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Posted September 16, 2013

by Jerry Alatalo

People across the Earth were able to breathe a collective sigh of relief upon learning of a possible diplomatic route in lieu of military strikes on Syria. Katrina Vanden Heuvel, editor of The Nation magazine, and Andrew Bacevich, veteran and professor at Boston University, discuss how significant this newest development in international relations is on Democracy Now.

Could we be witnessing the beginning of the end of war as a means of resolving differences in this world? Has the ability of men and women all around the Earth to instantaneously access truth with their keyboards played a significant role in the recent astonishing events regarding the Syrian crisis?

Answers to these questions will vary according to a person’s level of experiences, awareness and knowledge of the causes and circumstances of wars and killing. We can imagine some saying that war will never end because it is simply human nature-the way it has always been. Some will be slightly encouraged that world leaders have chosen to explore non-military options. Others will say that the year 2013 marks the beginning of the end for war.

Few will be able to make arguments that worldwide, instantaneous access to truth did not play a significant role in the current events regarding war and peace in Syria and the Middle East. More will credit the people’s access to truth as significant to the “no” vote in Britain’s parliament on military actions in Syria. Some will consider people around the world being able to gather knowledge and truth about the Syrian situation as highly significant, leading to the people’s representatives in government to execute the people’s will.

The majority of the citizens on this Earth do not want any more wars.

Humanity is witnessing the beginning of the end for war.

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