Swiss Banks Divulging Tax Evaders, Cooperating With US Government



It’s about time! Many wealthy people hate Pres. Obama for even considering tax increases for the very rich, yet many of the very rich don’t actually pay taxes!! They hide their wealth in foreign banks where U.S. law can’t find it. The tax burden is left to the rest of us.

Now Swiss banks, who are very often the entities that make it easy for the rich to dodge taxes, are cooperating with the U.S. government in trying to end the practice. The question is whether the Swiss and U.S. governments are really serious about forcing these people to start paying taxes. It’s not easy going after any rich person, especially with all the legal resources they have at their beck and call.

Here’s the story from

Domestically, this is absolutely fantastic news. As the New York Times reports, ‘Banks will be required to provide the details…

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