5 thoughts on “Laura Ingraham Celebrates March On Washington 50th Anniversary With Gunshots And Race-Baiting

  1. Robert,
    Thank God people no longer listen to such drivel. These are the type of people who pull such publicity stunts to increase ratings or book sales, regardless of the consequences. It is unfortunate such activity has yet to go extinct, but most Americans have realized that it is negative energy-a waste of time.
    Thank you,

      • That’s good advice on a personal level. But on a societal level, ignoring the malice that still afflicts the human heart can be very dangerous. The Secular Jurist blog is committed to exposing institutional wrongdoing, and I will endeavor to fulfill that goal. Regards,

  2. Robert,
    I agree with you. When a person witnesses harmful actions he or she should follow their conscience to try to eliminate them. There is one spiritual tradition which holds that doing nothing about harmful or unjust actions, even those that may occur hundreds of miles away, is a form of sin.

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