Posted August 17, 2013 by Jerry Alatalo

(This article was originally posted over a week ago, and it made a point that in my mind should not be forgotten. Often stories and reports come at us fast and in large quantities, many times placed in physical or mental archives, not given a thought after 24-48 hours. After eight days there have been no calls (zero) by Congressmen or Senators, that this writer is aware of, for an international manhunt to find, arrest, prosecute and punish those who leaked ultra-top secret information described in the video clip from The Young Turks. As much as I hate to say it, the total lack of concerned response from lawmakers in this instance can lead one to just one conclusion. The leak to the press of an interception of a conference call was intentionally done to manipulate the perceptions of U.S. citizens. Maybe this is standard operating procedure and I am politically naïve for making a deal of it.

Either there was a conference call and there should be an international manhunt for the leakers of this most sensitive information, or there was no conference call, which means that Americans were given false information.  If the former, then where is the outrage? If the latter, another type of outrage needs to be expressed. Some may call it righteous indignation.)

The original post from August 9, 2013:

Bradley Manning and Edward Snowden are known worldwide because their actions have been reported on the front pages of every newspaper, on every television news broadcast, on millions of blogs and websites, and the subject of endless hours of conversation between average citizens.

Politicians, talk show hosts and commentators have expressed outrage, calling for hearings, urgent action, and investigations at the highest levels of government. Newscast after newscast after newscast, report after report after report, on and on and on about Bradley Manning and Edward Snowden.

The following video from The Young Turks is very disturbing. It makes the point that those who leaked what we could safely say is the most sensitive information on Earth, will be forgotten. They will not be the target of an international manhunt, they will not be the subject of endless hours of newscasts from all regions of the world, as happened with Bradley Manning and Edward Snowden.

If there is not any expression of outrage about those who “leaked” this highest, most sensitive of classified information, from the exact same politicians who expressed outrage regarding Manning and Snowden then, Houston, we have a problem.  If what is suggested in this report is true, that this information was intentionally leaked, we are witnessing the manipulation of Americans’ perceptions. If what is suggested in this report is true, then not only the people of Houston, but all Americans, should have a problem with that.

C’mon, Washington politicians.

C’mon, ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, CNN.

Where is the …OUTRAGE?

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