Why Aren’t Congressmen And Senators OUTRAGED?

Posted by Jerry Alatalo August 9, 2013

Bradley Manning and Edward Snowden are known worldwide because their actions have been reported on the front pages of every newspaper, on every television news broadcast, on millions of blogs and websites, and the subject of endless hours of conversation between average citizens.

Politicians, talk show hosts and commentators have expressed outrage, calling for hearings, urgent action, and investigations at the highest levels of government. Newscast after newscast after newscast, report after report after report, on and on and on about Bradley Manning and Edward Snowden.

The following video from The Young Turks is very disturbing. It makes the point that those who leaked what we could safely say is the most sensitive information on Earth, will be forgotten. They will not be the target of an international manhunt, they will not be the subject of endless hours of newscasts from all regions of the world, as happened with Bradley Manning and Edward Snowden.

If there is not any expression of outrage about those who “leaked” this highest, most sensitive of classified information, from the exact same politicians who expressed outrage regarding Manning and Snowden then, Houston, we have a problem.  If what is suggested in this report is true, that this information was intentionally leaked, we are witnessing the manipulation of Americans’ perceptions. If what is suggested in this report is true, then not only the people of Houston, but all Americans, should have a problem with that.

C’mon, Washington politicians.

C’mon, ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, CNN.

Where is the …OUTRAGE!

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2 thoughts on “Why Aren’t Congressmen And Senators OUTRAGED?

    • Liz,
      Nice to meet you. I haven’t read any books on government leaks. To be honest with you I can’t give you an informed answer. I simply stumbled upon this video. Mainstream media is controlled by those who own media companies to the point where negative stories, negative for current or potential advertisers, entities which have men or women sitting on both their and the media corporation’s board of directors, are killed, censored or slanted. Logic would tell us, since Washington is where people go to get rich these days, your business as usual term would apply. The example of George Bush’ administration sending out falsehood to the people before the Iraq War, in 2003, the Gulf of Tonkin-Vietnam War, etc. may give you your answer. This story revealed, if no reactions are forthcoming to get the leakers, an activity by government which is misleading.
      We shall see. It would seem this story has “legs” as the journalists say.
      Thank you,

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